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Hope, Heart, and Happiness

A woman with Hope and Heart to demand that we all have the opportunity for the "Pursuit of Happiness" and "Justice for All". Welcome to the official site of Terri M. Booker,Esq., your source of information about important causes, issues, and so much more. Please feel free to browse the website, where you will find all you need to know surrounding Terri M. Booker, Esq. and how she wants to continue to fight for change and progress.

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Court of Common Pleas


The Court of Common Pleas is made up of several divisions: Civil- The Trial Division Civil has jurisdiction over civil claims involving amounts in excess of $10,000. The variety of civil actions that may be brought in the Trial Division Civil include Negligence, Contract, and Equity Action.

Criminal- Criminal has jurisdiction over all felony cases as well as appeals from Municipal Court for a trial de novo, including a right to a trial by jury. Among the types of cases that fall within the assignments of the Trial Division Criminal are homicide cases, capital PCRA cases, and felony cases. The Adult Probation and Parole Department and Pretrial Services Department are also included in the Criminal Section of the Division.

Family- Juvenile Branch programs include Juvenile Court Operations, Juvenile Probation, and Children and Youth Services (Adoptions). Domestic Relations deals with paternity, support, custody, visitation, and divorce. Domestic Violence cases are also assigned to the Domestic Relations Branch.

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Terri M. Booker, Esquire, is a dedicated advocate for the disenfranchised. Ms. Booker received her undergraduate degree in economics from Loyola University of Maryland , and her Juris Doctor from The University of Pace School of Law. During her time at Pace, she served on the board of The Black Law Student Association. She has worked both in her professional  and personal life to help seek justice within the Philadelphia community. Licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania, New Jersey,  and New York, Ms. Booker has worked with various nonprofits to help dispense justice. She has worked closely with the The Post- Conviction Project, which is responsible for the release of hundreds of falsely accused innocent prisoners. She is also an active volunteer at the Christian Legal Clinic where she takes on a wide range of pro bono cases. Ms. Booker is a volunteer at Advancing Civics Education (“ACE”), a comprehensive initiative of the Philadelphia Bar Association that seeks to bring volunteer lawyers and judges into Philadelphia public high schools in order to engage in critical thinking about government, law, and dispute resolution. In 1994, Ms. Booker was diagnosed with Sickle Cell. Sickle cell is a genetic blood disorder. Blood cells are normally circular but with sickle cell, blood cells are shaped like sickles. Those sickle cells can get stuck in any place where blood flows and cause pain. She is an active sickle cell advocate and has spoken at various national conferences and conventions around the United States. Terri hopes to unite all sickle cell patients and community based organizations across the globe to effect world change for the sickle cell community. She serves as co-founder of the Young Adult Sickle Cell Alliance and mentors sickle cell patients in her local region. 

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Issues We Face


As Judge, Ms. Booker wants to see shifts occur within the court systems. Ms. Booker wants to help the court system deal with mental health in a more effective way. She wants justice to depend on the merit of the case and not the money surrounding it. As an active member in her Philadelphia community, she understands the value of strong community ties. As Judge, she would like to implement alternative sentencing for lower level offenses. Instead of jail or prison time for such offenses, Ms. Booker wants to see more community service punishment.  Also, she would like to see automatic guardians appointed to all children who have lost parents. Additionally, she wants to see children come in the court room to see its day to day functions in order to add positivity and trust to the courtroom experience.

Acupuncture Treatment



The issues that surround mental health include crime, drugs, and addiction, amongst others. Let’s help those suffering with manageable mental disease and defects get placed in a mental facility instead of  prison.



Let's bring children of all ages in the courtroom to see its day to day functions in order to add positivity and trust to the courtroom experience.

Teacher and Young Student



We all should know the basics when it comes to the law. Most of us do not realize that we have a line of recourse when we are wronged. The system is here to help. Learn to express yourself and let the system work for you.

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Yes You Can Vote 
With A Criminal Record

Here is some general voting information about voting with a record in Pennsylvania provided by ACLU of Pennsylvania : 

Please note that this information only applies to Pennsylvania. Other states have different laws.

Who is allowed to register and vote?

  • People in jail or prison who have been convicted of misdemeanors (must vote with an absentee ballot)

  • People who are under house arrest (must vote with an absentee ballot)

  • People who are on probation or on parole

  • People who are on parole or probation and living in a halfway house or community corrections center (must vote with an absentee ballot and cannot use the address of the halfway house as their registration address. Must use previous or future address.)

  • People being held in jail while they are waiting to go to trial (must vote with an absentee ballot)

Who is not eligible to register and vote?

  • People who are in prison or jail because of a felony conviction and who won’t be released before the election

  • People who have been convicted of violating Pennsylvania election laws within the past four years

If you are already registered to vote, you do not need to do anything to regain your voting rights.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my website. If there are other issues you want to know my views on or have questions about, please contact me. I will do my best to answer your voting/issue related questions. We can all take part in the democratic process, exercise your right to vote! Terri Booker is accepting all monetary donations and no amount is too big or small. If you want to volunteer to help in other ways, just submit your information below and I will be in touch.

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Please feel free to leave a question, concern, or comment. Stay informed and remember Terri M. Booker, Esq. wants you to pursue happiness and justice for all. Thank you in advance for your vote on May 18, 2021.

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